Solar Pool Heating is the most economical way to heat your pool. Solar Pool Heating reduces fossil fuel use, decreases utility bills and carbon output. The solar heating system is very easy to install whether it is a new pool construction or existing pool. Ever Blue Pools uses only HELIOCOL panels, which are the world's best for a reason.

    *  Patented Individual Tube Design allows for expansion and contraction, eliminating cracks and leaks.
   * One piece "over-molded" construction eliminates welds.
   * No moisture build-up under collectors.
   * Innovative mounting hardware eliminates need for radiator hoses, metal clamps and multiple straps across the collectors.
   * Designed to withstand hurricane force winds.

  * For systems installed with new roofs we can install the panels without roof penetration.

Ever Blue Pools solar pool heating solution pays for itself in savings. Compared with gas, oil, or electric pool heaters, our solar pool systems will save you money on it's first day of use! What good is your swimming pool if you don't use it? A warm pool is preferred and enjoyed by everyone. After all, who wants to swim in a cold pool?!
Renewable energy source - the sun - simply makes sense!

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Solar Heating
Commercial Swimming Pool Service
Ever Blue Pools is a company that specializes in working with commercial properties. We work with many commercial properties on the Peninsula.
Our business is set up to handle the pool service needs of management companies. We are familiar with the management process; carry the proper pool service licenses and insurances required by most commercial facilities. We also are familiar with the health department swimming pool requirements and processes that are inevitable with commercial swimming pool service.

Everything needed to maintain crystal clear   water that is safe for all swimmers.

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