• Test water for correct chemical amount, add chemicals as needed.
  • Brush walls, steps, and swim outs
  • Vacuum as needed
  • Empty pump and skimmer baskets
  • Backwash pool filter, lubricate all o-rings(as needed), check all valves and clock settings
  • Inspect pool equipment for optimal use       
  • Inspect automatic pool cleaner and adjust if needed
  • Empty automatic pool cleaner bag
  • Skim and net everything on the surface
  • Swimming pool repair services as needed
Chemicals and Baskets service only

  • Empty all pump baskets
  • Empty skimmer baskets
  • Add necessary basic chemicals
  • Backwash filter, lubricate all o-rings (as needed), check all valves and clock settings
We’re a full service company specializing in repairs and pool cleaning services.
Money saving Pentair Intelliflo Pump as talked about by PG&E
The Pentair intelliFlo Pump runs off a Permantent Magnet Motor,the same principal used in hybrid cars. Consumer savings are conservatively estimated at 30% compared to traditional pump motors. Energy savings come from the ability to program the pump at slower speeds. Running a pump at half speed results in one eighth of the energy costs. In addition to the energy savings, the Permanent Magnet motor runs far quieter than a standard induction motor, as well as generating less heat and vibration This will extend the operation life of the pump motor, compared to the standard induction motor.
With Our Swimming Pool Maintenance Services We Analyze Your Water For:

-Total Alkalinity
-Calcium Hardness
-Free Chlorine
-Combined Chlorine
-Bromine (if so equipped)
-Salt (if so equipped)
-Total Dissolved Solids
-Calculate the Saturation Index

We use health department approved test kits.
Pool Maintenance Equipment
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Swimming Pool Maintenance Services